Should you buy the Kindle on Black Friday? Yes, but only with this accessory

1. The basic Kindle is already available for $59 instead of $89.
2. Make sure to add the original fabric case to cart and save $7 extra.

  • Amazon has announced the first pool of Black Friday 2020 deals.
  • Among the deals, you will find the basic Kindle. Its Black Friday price is set to $59.99 ($89.99). You save $30.
  • All Amazon customers are eligible to grab this deal, not only Prime members.
  • You can pick up a variant with 3 months of Kindle Unlimited, worth $30. After 3 months you will be charged for the first paid period, unless you cancel your subscription during the free plan.
  • The deal is already active. Make sure to shop as soon as possible to receive the Kindle before Christmas.

The deal price for the entry-level Kindle is in line with Black Friday predictions.

If you were hoping to see the price going under $50, it won’t happen this year. Once Amazon announces the price, it doesn’t change towards the Black Friday.

Buy the Kindle and the original fabric case

  • The deal for Kindle is what everyone was expecting. It’s nothing you could be excited about.
  • What’s exciting is the deal for the original fabric Kindle case. Its regular price is $29.99 and it is rarely available at a reduced price.
  • Surprise, surprise! You can grab the case for $22.99. Your saving is $7 – 23% of the regular price.
  • All color variants are on sale: Charcoal Black, Cobalt Blue, Punch Red, Sandstone White.
  • During Black Friday 2020, you will pay $37 less for the basic Kindle and original fabric case: $83 instead of $120.
  • To add the fabric case to cart, find it in the price widget on the right.

If you believe that $22.99 is still too much, make sure to check out these great third-party cases for the basic Kindle.

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