Read this before you buy original iPad cover again

When you buy original accessory for a tablet or smartphone (no matter whether it’s from Apple, Samsung, Google or any other brand), you believe in two things:

  • That it offers the best possible fit – this is not true; everyone can precisely measure the device and design the case that fits perfectly.
  • It offers the best possible quality – it’s not true, either. An original case from a production line is not a match for handcrafted leather sleeves that you can find on Etsy.

There is a third reason for buying the original case, and it turns out it becomes more and more important. It’s availability.

When the newest iPad Pro 2018 models launched, they were accompanied by a set of original and exclusive accessories: Apple Pencil 2, Smart Folio, and Smart Keyboard.

Smart Folio was at that time the only iPad Pro cover that was compatible with a cool feature allowing users to wirelessly charge and pair Apple Pencil 2. Was this feature exclusivity enough to make you buy the case for $80? Yes, right, if you’ve just added to cart the tablet worth $800, the extra money was not making that much difference.

Wait. After a few weeks, third-party producers started releasing iPad Pro cases adjusted to support Apple Pencil 2. In the end, the challenge of making the case compatible with wireless charging was not that difficult. The whole thing was to adjust the right edge of the back shell to make space for Apple’s pen.

Third-party alternatives to Smart Folio can be found for under $20, so you can get them for a price four time lower than the original accessory. Still prefer the Apple logo?

When you buy an original case, you pay for your addiction to the brand. And you pay for perfection. However, in terms of features and real, down-to-earth benefits, you are overpaying – and overpaying a lot of money.

Smart Folio protects the back and front of the iPad Pro but leaves the tablet vulnerable to drops. Getting any kind of a back shell could help protect the corners and possibly the display. Plus, if you look for alternatives, you can be astonished to discover that some third-party alternatives are much more advanced and thoughtful designs.

Example? Zugu Muse gives all what you have in Smart Folio, plus a dozen of other features, minus 25% of the price, minus Apple logo.

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