Pinterest: how to publish content using feeds

1. You don’t have to use Zapier or IFTTT to publish content from your claimed domain.
2. You can add several feeds to publish to different boards.

If you want to automatically send to Pinterest new content you publish on your website, you don’t have to use automation tools.

Pinterest has its own auto-publishing tool. You can add content via feeds.

Pinterest: adding content via feeds – benefits

  • This is the most reliable way to make your content appear on Pinterest. The platform is constantly updating their API, making some third-party services, such as Zapier, stop working.
  • Feeds generated by and self-hosted WordPress blogs are supported.
  • You can add more than one feed. For, instance, you can use category-specific or tag-specific WordPress feeds to send content to different boards.

Custom WordPress feeds – examples:

  • Tags:
  • Categories:
  • Authors:

Pinterest: adding content via feeds – limitations

  • You can add content only if the feed includes links to your own domain.
  • The domain has to be claimed and verified by Pinterest.
  • The feed has to be in either RSS 1 or RSS 2 format. Pinterest doesn’t support Atom feeds.
  • New feed items may be delayed by up to 24 hours.
  • Auto-publishing is possible only from Pinterest business accounts.

How to add feeds to Pinterest

1. Go to Pinterest website and log in with your credentials.

2. Go to Settings » Bulk create Pins.

3. Find “Auto-publish” section at the bottom and click on “Connect RSS Feed” button.

4. Paste the feed from your domain.

5. Choose the board you want the new content to appear.

6. Wait for up to 24 hours to see the new items published.

Pinterest will automatically pull:

  • The pin title from your feed’s item <title> tag.
  • The pin note from your feed’s item <description> tag.
  • The source url from your feed’s item <link> tag.
  • The image from your feed’s item <enclosure> or <media:content> tag. If none of these tags is available, Pinterest will find the first image in <content> and use it.

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