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Quick, distraction-free tips, notes, and news for modern geeks in a hurry. Apps, devices, subscriptions, and more.

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You won't see intrusive ads that are hard to dismiss, track your web activity, and often block the page from loading properly.

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You won't see alert windows, such as browser notification prompts, chat windows, or warnings that appear when you close a page.

No sign-up forms

You won't be asked to leave your name, email address, password, or any other sensitive information.

No social distractions

To help you focus, we've removed a comment system, as well as distracting social signals and sharing buttons.

What we read

Mashable Tech – latest news and reviews about apps, gadgets, and new technology

How-to Geek – an online magazine where experts explain technology

Wirecutter – expert tests and reviews of the newest devices, appliances, gear, and more

MacRumours How Tos – easy tips and guide for Mac, iPad, and iPhone users

9to5Mac Guides – tips and how-to posts for Mac users, breaking every day

Ebook Friendly – distraction-free lists and tips for book lovers who care about privacy

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