Forget an iPad stand. This sturdy pillow will do much more

Best innovative iPad stand - Lamicall stand pillow

Most of the foldable iPad stands can be used only on a desk. They are too unstable for uneven surfaces. Here is a better solution.

Are you looking for a stand that you can use to handle video meetings or put the iPad a bit higher?

The biggest problem with iPad stands

Most foldable stands can be used only on flat surfaces. What about a stand that you could use on a sofa or in a bed?

You can obviously rely on an iPad case that has a built-in stand – but not every case is good enough. For instance, a popular tri-fold case is too unstable to let you comfortably watch movies in a bed.


Lamicall offers a sturdy pad that combines a multi-angle desktop stand with a tablet pillow.

Lamicall iPad pillow stand - best iPad stand to get in 2021

It is perfect if you want to comfortably watch movies or make video calls on a sofa or in a bed. The stand is cozy but extremely stable – it has strong resilience but is not easy to deform.

The most important feature is a multi-level stand. There are three grooves on each side, and each side offers a different viewing angle. As a result, you will be able to position your iPad at six different angles.

Lamicall iPad & tablet stand – highlights

Best innovative iPad stand - Lamicall stand pillow
  • You can use the Lamicall stand on a desk, sofa or in a bed.
  • It’s sturdy enough not only to hold the iPad, but also the MacBook Pro.
  • The grooves can be used as comfortable shelves for an Apple Pen.
  • The pillowcase is detachable.
  • You can choose from four desaturated color variants, including
  • The stand offers six different viewing angles.
  • It’s compatible with all iPad models.
  • It’s one of the best-iPad accessories on Amazon.

⇢ Amazon – $22.99

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