Black Friday Audible deals are here! Almost 400 top audiobooks are $6 each

1. Top titles which usually cost well over $20 are now for $6 each.
2. Plus, if you buy more than 4 titles, you get a $5 coupon.

Are you waiting for Black Friday 2020 Audible deals? They have just arrived!

The Black Friday 2020 Audible sale features hundreds of premium audiobooks, so that you can stock up your library for long winter evenings.

Black Friday 2020 Audible deals

  • Almost 400 audiobooks are selected for Black Friday deal offer.
  • Each of the audiobooks from the list costs $6, while in most cases the regular price is well over $20.
  • Audiobooks are grouped into nine popular categories, including literary fiction, mysteries & thrillers, romance, memoirs, and nonfiction.
  • Additionally, if you get more than 4 of Black Friday audiobooks, you will get a $5 coupon.
  • The Black Friday 2020 sale on Audible ends on Cyber Monday, November 30.
  • The deals are available exclusively on Audible website, but we hope to see them revealed on Amazon before Black Friday.

See also the Black Friday Audible Plus deal

Another deal worth taking a look is 40% off Audible Plus membership.

  • The deal was revealed for Black Friday, but it’s active through December 31.
  • For first 6 months you pay $4.95 per month instead of $7.95. You save 37%, and your total saving is $18.
  • The total price is $29.7 and you pay it the moment you grab the deal.
  • Audible Plus is like Kindle Unlimited for audiobooks. It gives unlimited access to 11,000 audio files in the Plus catalog.
  • Make sure to check out upcoming deals in the Audible section of Amazon store.

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